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I'm a professor of computer science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the chair of the steering committee for the International Symposium on Computational Geometry.

Please Stand By

BallotBin appears to be completely broken, which means we will not be able to open the vote today as planned. The steering committee is investigating other voting platforms, and we have a few promising leads.  We expect to launch the … Continue reading

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Statement from Paul Beame (SIGACT chair)

This is a guest post from Paul Beame, the chair of the SIGACT executive committee. First of all, I would like to express the desire of the SIGACT leadership to work for the benefit of the whole TCS community including SoCG. … Continue reading

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Voting starts on Monday

The final vote on the future relationship between the Symposium on Computational Geometry and the Association for Computing Machinery will be held next week: June 23–July 1.  On Monday, June 23, voting codes and BallotBin links will be sent to every subscriber … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

I have a couple of posts on the back burner, waiting for clearance from my internal censor.  But rather than rush those out, I think it’s important to address the most important argument for staying with ACM. I believe—and I think the … Continue reading

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Concerns about the ACM Digital Library

This post reports an email exchange among three people—Sándor Fekete, a long-standing member of the SOCG community, Wayne Graves, the Director of Information Systems at ACM, and myself—describing some concerns about ACM’s stewardship of its Digital Library. Sándor sent me … Continue reading

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Welcome ACM CEO John White!

WordPress helpfully sends me an email whenever anyone subscribes to this blog.  I’m very happy to learn that ACM CEO John White is now a subscriber. Welcome, Dr. White, and thank you for listening!

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Independent conferences: the second-worst solution (Boaz Barak) As I said in the past, I wish that our professional societies would behave more like their mission statements and less like for-profit publishers, and so conferences would not feel compelled to leave them. … Continue reading

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Second Response from ACM

Donna Cappo sends the following official response to my third question: QUESTION 3: Does ACM or SIGACT claim rights to the name “Symposium on Computational Geometry”? Specifically, if the SOCG community votes to end its relationship with ACM and organize an … Continue reading

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A declaration of independence (kind of), and technology-induced disintermediation

A guest post by Suresh Venkatasubramanian, originally posted on his geomblog. Musings on the SoCG move to declare independence of the ACM.  It’s a little odd to be sitting in Denmark while high quality rød pølse (with remoulade!) is being made across the … Continue reading

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A third question for ACM

Since this has been raised as a major issue in past discussions, I have asked Paul Beame and Donna Cappo for an official response to a third question. QUESTION 3: Does ACM or SIGACT claim rights to the name “Symposium on … Continue reading

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