Independent conferences: the second-worst solution (Boaz Barak)

As I said in the past, I wish that our professional societies would behave more like their mission statements and less like for-profit publishers, and so conferences would not feel compelled to leave them. Given the hundreds of votes in the CCC and SoCG elections, I can’t help but think that if steering committees and chairs of various SIGs across all Computer Science collaborated together, they could marshal thousands of votes in the ACM elections that would truly change how it operates.

In the comments, Paul Beame points out significant differences between IEEE and ACM, in terms of the revenue the two societies return to their respective research communities. The comparison is entirely consistent with narratives I’ve heard from people who regularly serve on the committees of CCC, CVPR, and other IEEE-sponsored conferences, but nevertheless frustrating. “Better than IEEE” is a pretty low bar.


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I'm a professor of computer science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the chair of the steering committee for the International Symposium on Computational Geometry.
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